3 Growing Categories Your Store Should be Carrying: Sustainability, Self-Care, and Pet Products

Mar 15, 2023

The key factor in maintaining a healthy business is to always be looking for new areas of growth. In today’s blog post, we would like to focus on three categories that are growing rapidly yet are often overlooked. They are sustainability, self-care and pet products.


It seems like everyone is moving towards doing better for our planet with more sustainable, and eco-friendly choices available to consumers. Just last year, IBM reported that “the demand for sustainable consumer goods is on the rise, with 3 out of 5 consumers saying socially responsible or sustainable products made up at least half of their last purchase.” With this booming category not slowing down, SHOP these planet-friendly options such as RIGWA and Swig Life. 

Following the “reuse vs. Single-use” philosophy, RIGWA simply helps us make better choices for our planet. RIGWA’s products offer highly durable and reusable containers that are sleek and functional for daily use – at home and on-the-go. These sleek food storage bowls “keep life fresh” and help preserve our planet with every use. Wholesale pricing begins at $19.00.  

Not only does Swig Life offer you the perfect drinkware options for fashion and function, the company is also extremely eco-friendly. Pair their reusable cups, mugs, and tumblers, with colorful sustainable straw sets, that you can use time and time again. 


As we talked about in last month’s blog post, the self-care rapidly growing segment is clearly not going anywhere. We continue to see this global wellness market on the rise {and might we add, “sustainable”} estimating at more than $1.5 trillion, with annual growth of 5 to 10 percent.” {Mckinsey} Don’t walk friends, run and SHOP lines such as Mangiacotti, Cait & Co, and FarmHouse Fresh!  

Made in the USA, Mangiacotti features all-natural bath, body, and home fragrance and home are products that are kind to Mother Earth. Their plant-made products are created with recyclable materials and never tested on animals. Shop their Earth friendly products and feel the good in giving.  

Developed by female entrepreneur Cait Abshier, these hand-made bath and boy products are uniquely designed to bring joy. As Cait & Co says, “we are here to help you embrace the day, experience simplicity, soak up stillness, and radiate beauty.” 

If you haven’t heard the buzz on this farm-to-table skincare line, then skip to it! FarmHouse Fresh! is a must-have feel-good, do-good, beauty-enhancing gift for anyone special to you. This Texas company grows fresh ingredients daily, giving your skin the absolute freshest glow possible. Each product purchase also goes towards an animal in need, so you can always feel good about using this product.  

 Pet Accessories

Pet-lovers behold!  PR Newsire cites “The global pet accessories market size is estimated to increase by $13 million.” That’s a lot! And it makes sense, as each Market season, we see more pet lines popping up. Many successful {and smart!} vendors have expanded their product offerings to also include this trending category such as our very own, About Face, and PetShop by Fringe Studio, Love Is Project, Top It Off Accessories, and Swig LifeSHOP merchandise for pet-lovers now. 

You may already be familiar with these creative, heartwarming gifts, but About Face Designs also offers a complete pet collection featuring unique accessories such as bandanas, tags and collars. The perfect gift for your pet-loving friends. 

PetShop by Fringe Studio was created to offer high quality pet toys, beds, bowls, treat jars and more. And it’s not just humans that want sustainable products, pets do too! Their dog toys are made with recycled and natural materials filled with spun recycled water bottle filling. 

Don’t miss the special LOVE dog collar from Love Is Project or a pet bowl from SWIG LIFE that matches your own sustainable tumbler or mug. Our most popular apparel line, Top It Off Accessories even sells dog “apparel” now.

In the coming months, we will be examining other categories that will help you to grow. But in the meantime if you focus on the three: sustainability, self-care and pet products, we believe that your sales goals will be easily reached!