New Lines We Love: T. Jazelle

Sep 15, 2021

Quality jewelry with a message.

“From the first bracelet I made, each piece has always had a story — whether it was the meaning of the stones I was using for strength or healing or the meaning of the charm,” says Tiffany Narbonne, founder of T. Jazelle. Each is still handmade in Cape Cod (though now that the brand is in hundreds of stores and selling out on QVC, Tiffany does have some help) and paired with a card that explains the special meaning of the piece.

Some favorites are Waves of Life, ideal for ocean lovers; Family Circle, a symbol of family connection that Tiffany says is especially powerful these days, when not everyone can be with loved ones; and Unbreakable, a constant reminder that “you can get through anything.”

The bracelets are crafted to last with gemstones and quality sterling silver or gold-plated sterling charms. Many fans stack multiple bracelets to truly wear their story. “We’re turning into our stores’ #1-selling brand because people are coming back and getting more to stack. We’ve received messages from people who have literally over 100 bracelets. It’s definitely become kind of a collectible, and we’re always creating new pieces.” Look for new opal pieces at the Atlanta market.