New Lines We Love: Natural Inspirations

Sep 15, 2021

A full line of natural body-care products.

Natural Inspirations Founder Julie Ekelund fell in love with the body-care category in the 1980s while working with brands such as Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Claire Burke and Vitabath. But she had her own vision: a gorgeous, indulgent, natural bath and body line that women could afford. Her vision became Natural Inspirations, which celebrates its 10th anniversary next year.

The brand is a complete line that ranges from hand creams and lotions to scrubs, body butters and body oils. “I don’t know that anybody goes as deep into full body-care as we do,” says Julie. Its range is just one thing that sets the brand part. Another? Truly natural products.

“We dive much deeper than the average company in terms of the ingredients that we don’t allow into our products,” she says. “We’re very cautious, and we work with one of the top natural formulators in the world.” The result is a line of premium, spa-like products. These products include light, fresh hand creams; dry body oil that fans “cannot live without”; balm that refreshes dry feet; deluxe lip products, and much more. Every product is available in all of the company’s fragrances. The newest is Cyprès, a deliciously warm, woody unisex scent that was introduced at the summer market.

When Julie asked customers and reps around the country to recommend a strong partner in the Southeast, they universally named Darrah & Co. “We have not been disappointed and could not be more pleased and complimentary of the team that Lindsay and Vicki have put together,” she says. “The reps have been fabulous and so welcoming.”