New Lines We Love: Fancy Panz

Sep 15, 2021

Dress up your pans!

Jane Casey and her sister Charlene Yeager found themselves stuck in the kitchen scrubbing pans after Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, their family enjoyed themselves. They knew there must be a better way. Jane looked online for a disposable option that could be dressed up enough to present on the holiday table or at a potluck. When she came up empty-handed, she created her own solution: Fancy Panz. A stackable, BPA-free decorative cover for unattractive disposable foil pans. She took her idea to her sister and a neighbor who had her own “rags-to-riches” invention success story. Within a week, the sisters had filed a provisional patent. “People were really eager to help, other women in particular,” says Jane, who had no history of inventing products.

Today, Fancy Panz, which is proudly made entirely in the USA, continues to add products to its growing line of entertainment solutions. A recently introduced deviled-egg tray with a built-in ice pack, for example, flew off the shelf.