My Drink Bomb

Sep 16, 2022

Always in search of exciting companies to represent, we feel we’ve found three showstoppers! We’re confident that our new customers will wow your customers and that kind of partnership is our top priority! We’re so excited about these new additions that we’d like to introduce you to each one, here on the blog, during this last quarter. This is, after all, the BIG moment in retail and these products are sure to add some spark to your inventory during this season of gathering, gift-giving, and merriment.

Let’s start our introductions with a fun line called MyDrinkBomb. It is THE original drink bomb. Owner, Chloe’ Di Leo, was inspired, one night, when her daughter ran out of bath bombs used to soothe her eczema. Chloe thought she could probably just make some more- couldn’t be that hard. Meanwhile, her son came in eating Pop Rocks and she reminded him he should drink more water and eat less candy. It was then that the idea popped in her head that she could make a fizzy drink bomb and that’s where the fun all started!

The weather is finally cooling down and we’re getting started with those football parties and tailgating, and soon there will be gatherings galore for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve! It’s the perfect time of year to offer these drink bombs to your customers. Just drop a MyDrinkBomb into any sparkling water and garnish to enjoy a cocktail or mocktail. The bombs typically dissolve in less than a minute with the alcohol added last as its sugar content will cause it dissolve more gradually. These delicious bombs are made with all-natural flavors, cane sugar, dried fruits, edible flowers, and edible dust shimmer, so your customers can feel good about the natural ingredients of these party-starters.

MyDrinkBomb has been featured in publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and House & Garden. From Margarita Madness to Chateau Bellini to Love Potion to SweetTART Martini, there are drink inspirations and recipes galore! With over 40 bomb varieties, you’ll have fun putting together an order to help get the party started for your customers. Pina Colada, Cosmo, Peacharita, Bloody Mary, Sour Apple Martini, Tequila Sunrise, Sangria, Arnold Palmer, and Mimosa just to name a few! They even have twelve yummy children’s varieties like Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Punch Berry, and Birthday Cake.

MyDrinkBomb offers single bombs and bomb gift sets- all presented in beautiful packaging. Imagine all of the gifting possibilities! These bombs would be great paired with a bottle of alcohol, seltzer water, or they can even go solo as a little happy or pick-me-up. And what a fun Halloween happy or stocking stuffer for all ages! The bombs will display so nicely with other sets like their Boozy Boxes and Mixologi Jars to help you up your party game. We’re sure this line will be the life of the party in your store as we head into the holiday season! Your customers will think YOU ARE THE BOMB! Contact your representative to plan your party today!