Love Is Project

Oct 28, 2022

What’s love got to do with it?


Our next new line to introduce to you was built on that crazy little thing called love! It’s the Love Is Project! The idea was born when founder, Chrissie Lam, moved to Kenya and met women in the Maasai tribe who made gorgeous beaded items. Chrissie was blown away by their artistry and worked with these women to design a bracelet incorporating the word, LOVE, because it’s the one thing that helps us all thrive and stay connected in this big world.

What started in 2012 in Kenya has now grown to empower over 2,000 female artisans in 10 developing countries using materials native to their country! This partnership gives economic opportunities for these women to enjoy financial freedom and look toward a more positive future. Each bracelet is literally a labor of love and will impact the lives of women all over the globe in places like Indonesia, India, Guatemala, Philippines, Bhutan, Kenya, Ecuador, Vietnam, Colombia, and Mexico. The goal of Love Is Project is to empower even more communities with the power of love!

Maybe you saw Love Is Project when it was featured on Shark Tank in 2021. Chrissy and her mom, Gladys, who run this business all alone, showcased their products and the idea behind them on the show. They’ve also been spotlighted on Good Morning, America! Love Is Project has appeared in Vogue magazine and Oprah featured their dog collars in Oprah Magazine! We think it’s safe to say that Love Is Project has created quite a buzz!

You can have all this love delivered to your store when you join this partnership powered by LOVE and a tribe of collaborators, artisans, and a worldwide support system. They offer a beautiful collection of wearable art from friendship bracelets, seed bead bracelets, kids’ styles, love bracelets, dog collars, and even assorted kits that give your customers a wide variety to choose from at great price points! This will be a great addition to your inventory as we head into those gift-giving months and you’ll be helping women around the world at the same time! It’s a win-win for LOVE!

Call your rep and make an appointment! They’ll LOVE to show you the beautiful intricate artistry of these bracelets. You’ll be amazed! Colorful, vibrant, fun – and a reminder that we’re all in this together! We’re sure you’ll fall in love just like we did!