4 Reasons Why Your Store Needs FarmHouse Fresh

Feb 1, 2023

The global trend of health and wellness continues to be on the rise with consumers wanting more and more naturally safe, and organic products for their skin. This billion-dollar industry isn’t slowing down any time soon, so stay up to date and in the know on the latest self-care products like this farm-table-line, FarmHouse Fresh.

#1 Every Purchase Rescues An Animal

Everyone loves a good story behind the product they purchase, but this one is REALLY good. What if we told you that every FarmHouse Fresh product purchased gave animals a second chance while nourishing and improving your complexion? They believe (and we do too) “life is infinitely richer when we help those we love, and we LOVE animals.” The Today Show and People Magazine have even taken notice of their rescue mission – watch here. And what’s super special and makes consumers feel connected is the ability to track the batch code purchased and see the animals saved! A product that truly does rescue more than just your skin!

#2 Ingredients are Organic, Fresh, Cruelty Free, & USA Made

We all know Kale is good for you but did you know that FHF-grown micro kale contributes to smoother, firmer skin and can fight signs of aging? Seriously – They have a Kale Moisturizer! Their specialty are Microgreens which are “tiny potent botanicals are more nutrient-dense than many full-size vegetables!” It’s no wonder spas, hotels, and resorts from all over choose FarmHouse Fresh for their farm-to-table harvested botanicals!

#3 – Truly A Gift For Every Occasion

Consumers are always shopping for gifts! A friend’s birthday, mother’s day, a new-mama self-care gift, a galentine’s gift, hostess gift, even guy’s gifts – you name it, FHF is the perfect present for any shopper. FHF even has it all broken down for you by occasion, price, and recipient – see more here. Add this feel-good and do-good product to your store assortment, your customers will thank you!

#4 – A-List Celebrities LOVE FarmHouse Fresh

FHF has been selected by Southern Living Magazine as one of their “favorite companies making beautiful products, right here in the South.” And not to name drop, but the Honey Heel Glaze was featured on Oprah’s O List and the Shea Butter Bar Soap is a favorite of Martha Stewart Living….not to mention Lisa Kudrow and Reba McIntire have also been known to indulge in this skin and animal saving product. Need we say more?

FarmHouse Fresh is zip code protected, so please contact your rep for more information on ordering.

SHOP NOW and discover this animal loving and skincare rescue line that truly lives up to it’s mission. #farmieglow