10 Tips for Facebook Live Success

Oct 17, 2021

Improve your Live broadcasts (or start your first one!) with these helpful hints.
  1. Promote your stream before you go Live by posting the time and topic on all of your social media channels. Consider inviting people to a Facebook Event to generate excitement.
  1. Make a plan. What is the purpose of your broadcast? When introducing a new product, promoting a sale or event, or building community, maximize engagement by paring self-promotion with helpful information.
  1. Give it a catchy title. Come up with a title that will entice viewers to check out your broadcast.
  1. Go Live regularly. Choose a time based on your audience’s availability and go live once a week to build community.
  1. Limit distractions. Live streams are no place for clutter or background noise. Use a clear background and a tripod to minimize shakiness.
  1. Test it out. Set the privacy to “Only Me” to do a test run. Is your lighting good? Is your internet connection strong? (Try to use WiFi rather than your phone’s internet.) Make sure you’re happy before you go Live.
  1. Embrace mistakes. Nobody expects perfection from Live videos. Be genuine and don’t get thrown by minor errors. Keep going!
  1. Be responsive. One of the best things about Live videos is their ability to create interaction. Answer questions from viewers in real-time. Call them by their names to build relationships and encourage comments. If it’s easier, ask a helper to read comments to you.
  1. Stream for at least 10 minutes. For Live videos, 15 to 20 minutes is a sweet spot for length. As you broadcast, more viewers will come across your video and join. Remember to occasionally reintroduce yourself and your topic for new viewers.
  1. Leave them with a task. Sign off with an action item: sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to our Live notifications, visit during our sale, enter our contest, etc.

Happy broadcasting!