Welcome to The Nest! We get approached on a daily basis from people wanting us to carry their lines. While many have been really, really cute, we simply aren’t able to accommodate them all, and many simply aren’t ready for the rapid growth that can happen when going for no sales force to twenty-two road reps and a busy showroom.

That is where The Nest comes in! We chose the best of the best of these smaller lines and have created a place to nurture them along in hopes of having controlled growth instead of chaos! Though these lines might be small, they are really big on creativity and perceived value. For questions or representation inquiries, please contact us at thenest@darrahreps.com.

The Nest’s current featured lines are listed below! Be sure to hop on over to The Nest Showroom located in Suite 612b on the 6th floor of building 2!


Map art from universities, cities, landmarks, etc.

2017 Supplement!
Plates that encourage children to make Christian values part of their life

2017 Supplement!
Gifts that lift the spirit with words & a touch of style

2017 Catalog!
Gifts & accessories for women who love the water

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