Tennessee Sales Representatives

Dave Clark

Member 15+ Year Club

Territories Covered: Central & North Mississippi, West Tennessee

Dave has been in the gift business for over 20 years, and has been with Darrah since May 1st , 2001. In his first year at Darrah he received the Rookie of the Year award. In 2003 and again in 2005, 2008 and 2009, he won the President’s Award for outstanding sales, service and overall professionalism. Actually, he isn’t the most professional of reps, but he did win some awards!

He never works too hard, but he is always on call! Don’t hesitate to contact him 24/7, holidays included!

Cell: 601.238.2923 | Fax: 601.605.0289 | Email: dclark@darrahreps.com

Rachel LeSuer

Territories Covered: Central Tennessee

Rachel is originally from Georgia — she moved to Nashville to go to college and never left.  She loves everything about Nashville (except the traffic).  Rachel has worked in the gift industry as a rep for about 15 years based primarily in Middle TN.  She loves her customers and is always inspired by their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Cell: 615.405.3225 | Fax: 866.304.7230 | Email: rlesuer@darrahreps.com

Rebecca McNeilly

Member 19+ Year Club

Territories Covered: Central  and Eastern Tennessee

Rebecca has been with Darrah & Company since January of 1998. She has a broad background in retail sales. Prior to beginning with our company, Rebecca worked with Wright-Atkinson as an outside sales rep at the Atlanta Gift Mart. She has managed and operated retail stores in Alabama and Florida. When she started working with Darrah & Company, she was responsible for the panhandle of Florida, parts of Mississippi, and southern Alabama. In 1999, her husband was relocated to Birmingham and Rebecca’s territory was redefined and covered middle and Northern Alabama. Most recently in late 2007 Rebecca & her husband relocated again to her current territory in Eastern Tennessee. In 1999, Rebecca received the award for over 100% increase in her territory and also an award as honorable mention to the President’s Club. In 2001 and 2004, she received an award for outstanding sales increases in paid invoices. Her territories have continued to consistently increase over the years. We are really lucky to have Rebecca as part of our organization.

Cell: 865.773.8034 | Fax: 865.329.6520 | Email: bmcneilly@darrahreps.com

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