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Vicki Darrah

CEO, President & Key Accounts Manager

Vicki began her career as an executive trainee in New York at Bloomingdales in the late 1960’s. She later became an assistant buyer at Bloomingdales. She married in late 1967, moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and worked as an assistant buyer for a small specialty retailer. Eventually, she and her husband moved to Atlanta, Georgia and Vicki worked for Rich’s as a buyer in the Children’s area. Taking some time off to begin a family, she returned to the business world in 1979 and worked as an outside sales rep in the gift industry developing another rep agency’s business in Metropolitan Atlanta. In 1989, she invested in purchasing an existing rep company in the southeast, changed the name to Darrah & Company, Ltd. and began building one of the top rep agencies in the U.S.

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