Florida Sales Representatives

Nancy Bowsher

Member 9+ Year Club

Territories Covered: Southwestern Florida

Nancy joined Darrah & Company in July 2008. Nancy has been in the industry since childhood. Her father owns a rep agency so she has literally grown up in the business. She has been a sales rep in Michigan for 20 years and relocated with her family to Southwest Florida in 2008. Nancy is known for her hard work and perseverance and it is certainly paying off! Nancy was the recipient of our Rookie Award for 2008. We are proud to have her as a part of our team.

Cell: 941.979.0113 | Fax: 941.237.3900 | Email: nbowsher@darrahreps.com

Kersten Brandow

Territories Covered: Southeastern Florida, Miami, The Keyes

As a Florida native, Kersten comes to Darrah & Company with a strong understanding of the intricacies and needs of the south Florida retailers and consumers.  She has been on the wholesale distribution end of natural and specialty foods, gifts, and body care for over 25 years, and has been an integral part of the growth of stores in the southeast.   Having also been a retailer, she brings a well-rounded knowledge of sales, marketing, and merchandising, and an enthusiasm stirred by the desire to be a valuable asset to the accounts.

Cell: 561.512.5041 | Fax: 561.828.8068 | Email: kbrandow@darrahreps.com

Angie Christenson

Member 9+ Year Club

Territories Covered: Tampa and Northwestern Florida

Angie joined our company in July 2008. She comes to us as an established rep in her area. Angie has proven herself to be one of the hardest workers on our team. She has her finger on what is happening with her customers and is extremely enthusiastic about her job. One of Angie’s strengths is being on top of trends and that is an invaluable trait for a rep!

Cell: 941.587.9199 | Fax: 813.436.5181 | Email: achristenson74@yahoo.com

Pam Rivas

Member 8+ Year Club

Territories Covered: Central Florida

Pam came to Darrah & Company in December 2009 from Fox Premier Sales. She had been a rep with Fox for years and was looking for a new challenge. Pam has a true love and respect for the Gift Industry and her customers are loyal. She is not afraid to work hard and therefore is very successful at what she does. She uses all of her resources to be the best rep that she can be and it shows.

Cell: 407.462.9821 | Fax: 866.583.0015 | Email: privas@darrahreps.com

Kelley Wilson

Member 20+ Year Club
Territories Covered: Southern Alabama, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Panhandle of Florida, Selected Key Accounts

Contact: 404.577.6538 | Contact Email: sweinstein@darrahreps.com

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